What is Crankk?

Crankk is a decentralized LoRaWAN network that is particularly suitable for transmitting data from IoT devices. On the one hand, you are paid to operate hotspots and thus support the expansion of the network. On the other hand, companies can use the network to implement a wide variety of use cases.


How do I get rewards?

As a decentralized network, Crankk relies on people like you to operate a hotspot and make it available to the network. In return, you will be rewarded with the Crankk token.
You can also mine Helium (HNT) simultaneously with the Crankk software to further increase your rewards.

More information?

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    Over 8 million Crankk tokens have already been paid out.

    Crankk Dashboard

    Over 5k miners are already participating and more are joining every day.

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What frequencies does the Crankk network support?

EU868MHz, US915MHz and CN470MHz. The AU915MHz frequency will also be added shortly.

Which miners are currently supported by the Crankk network?

You can find the currently supported models here Miner list