Tangem. Your wallet.

Thin as a bank card, safe as a vault!


thousands of cryptocurrencies.

1,000,000 cards produced, 0 hacked

Simply hold the card to your phone to use the Tangem Wallet

Thanks to Tangem's unique security concept, you can experience a completely new self-custody of cryptocurrencies.
Manage your crypto assets independently and without limits with just one click. The Tangem wallet makes it easy for newcomers to get started and impresses crypto veterans with its versatile application options.
  • The chip in the card generates a random private key that is never revealed.
  • The cards establish a secure connection with each other and transmit their encrypted private keys.
  • The private keys are saved on three cards without any further copies ever being created.
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The Tangem chip

The core of the Tangem wallet is a powerful, certified chip that was developed in collaboration with Samsung Semiconductor.

Each card has its own integrated chip in the form of a 1x1mm microcomputer.

    Neither software nor hardware attacks are possible.

    The app verifies the authenticity of the chip and firmware

    No battery. No charging

    No weak points or elements that are prone to errors.

    Protection against dust, water and extreme temperatures (-25°C to 50°C).

    Resistant to X-rays, electromagnetic pulses and electrostatic discharges.
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Why do I need a hardware wallet?

The main advantage of a hardware crypto wallet is its enhanced security. As the private keys are stored offline in the device, it is less vulnerable to hacking or malware that could potentially compromise your computer. This reduces the risk of losing your digital assets through theft or fraud. Another big advantage is complete independence. Your keys are yours, and you can use your cryptocurrencies at any time without the consent of a third party.

What distinguishes Tangem Wallet from other cold wallets?

The focus is on simplicity and security.

With your Tangem wallet, you always have everything to hand. You never have to charge it or connect it with a cable. The cards fit easily in your wallet alongside other credit cards, allowing you to sign transactions anywhere. Using the Tangem wallet is child's play: simply hold the card to your phone to access your cryptos. The card is not only practical, but also offers the same security as a biometric passport thanks to its EAL6+ certified chip. In short, Tangem wallets are unconditionally secure and meet the security and ease of use requirements for both beginners and experts alike.

Will third parties have access to the wallet if my Tangem Wallet card is stolen?

Your personal access code protects your wallet from unauthorized access by third parties and brute force attacks.

Can I use Seed Phrase in the Tangem Wallet?

The use of a seed phrase is optional. In the new Tangem Wallet, keys can be generated in three ways:
  1. By using the certified True Random Number Generator (TRNG), which generates and stores the keys in the card chip. These keys are only available on your Tangem card, neither Tangem nor anyone else knows them, and no copies exist outside your Tangem cards (recommended).
  2. Generate a seed phrase via the Tangem app and then import it into the card.
  3. Import your seed phrase from another wallet.
Unlike the keys generated by the card, seed phrases can be copied and stolen. You can find more information about the Seedphrase technology and our opinion on it here.

What happens if my phone is lost or suddenly breaks down?

You can use your card to access your wallet via any other mobile device. You just have to download the Tangem app on another phone and scan your Tangem cards. Remember, your phone doesn't store sensitive information; it’s just a screen that provides the wallet’s UI for easy access. You can use the Tangem wallet on two or more phones; the number doesn't matter because your wallet’s private keys are stored in the card’s chip.