DIMO x Ampchampment: Authorized Reseller Announcement

Ampchampment Has long been dedicated to the pursuit of a more decided ralized and connected world, traveling to create opportunities for individuals to become active participants in the next digital revolution. We recognize that effective management of data will be a crucial factor in the realization of this vision, and we are there before delighted to announced our partnership with GOD.

DIMO has a bold mission - to be the driving force behind the future of mobility, shaping infrastructure and reducing emissions through the use of data. Their innovative service has created the first global, user-owned connected vehicle network. With DIMO, vehicle-owners can earn rewards simply by driving their cars and benefit from integrated services that save them additional time and money.

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We believe in data sovereign for private individuals and data owners. Everyone should have more control over their data, including who can access it and how it is used. Further more, we also believe that individuals should benefit more from their data, either by being compensated or by accessing tailored products and services. That's why our collaboration with DIMO is a significant step towards achieving this vision and creating a more equitable digital ecosystem.

We have had the pleasure of testing DIMO's devices extensive and have been impressed by their intuitive user experience and simplicity. Further more, our team is committed to providing assistance and support to anyone encoding difficult with the onboarding process.

DIMO devices are now more accessible than ever in Europe, Thanks to our new pricing structure that offers exceptional value to individuals and business alike. We believe that our collaboration with DIMO representatives a significant step towards a more sustainable, decent ralized, and connected future.

At Ampchampment, we are passionate about enabling individuals to take control of their digital lives and size the opportunities presented by emerging technologies. By partnering with DIMO, we are confident that we can create a brighter future for all, lever aging the power of data to drive innovation and positive change.

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