What is DIMO?

In short, DIMO is a decentralized ecosystem for collecting vehicle data.
Users can make their vehicle data available and are rewarded with the DIMO token.
At the same time, companies (car manufacturers, insurance companies, garages, app developers) can acquire this data and use it for various applications.

Why is vehicle data valuable?

Your data is already being used.

Vehicle data is a market worth billions, but as an end consumer you have not had the opportunity to participate in this market until now. But with DIMO you can finally profit personally from your vehicle data.

Earn $DIMO tokens every week now!

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What are your benefits?

In addition to the rewards, various applications are being developed for DIMO, which are available via the DIMO Appstore and offer you attractive services.
The DIMO app also provides you with smart features that unlock the maximum potential of your car and offer you exciting insights into vehicle performance.

    By connecting to the network and using DIMO apps

    Track your vehicle and always keep track of its location.

    Check what's really going on under your hood.

    DIMO's blockchain technology offers transparency and security.

    Store all your vehicle data securely in one place and always have everything to hand.

    Verify yourself directly with all applications in the ecosystem.
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How can I participate?

With DIMO you have 4 different ways to use the full potential of your car and earn rewards. All you need is a vehicle built in 2008 or later.

>Which is best for me?

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Hosting Service

We offer you a DIMO AutoPi device completely free of charge via our hosting service. You receive all the benefits of the DIMO ecosystem and share in the rewards without any risk to yourself.
Become part of the largest independent hosting fleet.
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The AutoPi is DIMO's most powerful device.
Due to the higher quality of the collected data, the AutoPis therefore benefit the most from the weekly reward distributions.

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The new Macaron device is smaller and handier than the AutoPi. It convinces with a lower price, but also receives only 5/9 of the rewards (max level) of an AutoPi.
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For an easy start, a vehicle can also be connected to the network purely via software.
However, this requires an active SmartCar membership and a vehicle that is activated for this service.

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I would like more information?

We regularly answer questions and uncertainties in our blog.
Simply sign up and we will inform you whenever there is new exciting content.

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    Background information and details about DIMO can be found in the DIMO documentation.

    >DIMO documentation

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    You can already find a lot of exciting videos about DIMO on YouTube. Take a look at our partner site.

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