What is Hivemapper?

Hivemapper has set itself the goal of creating decentralised maps that work in a similar way to Google Maps. The community collects the data in real time and ensures the expansion of the maps and is paid for this with the Honey Token.

How do I get rewards?

To become part of the network, simply install the Hivemapper Dashcam Bee in your vehicle and earn Honey Tokens every time you drive.

Hivemapper documentation

My benefits

With the dashcam from Hivemapper, you not only take part in the future of map creation, but also receive a premium dashcam that gives you security on every journey.
  • Passive mapping

    Thanks to the LTE & WIFI connection, you don't need to connect your smartphone to the dashcam while driving.
  • Accident protection

    In extreme driving situations, a backup is automatically created to protect you in the event of an accident.
  • Privacy

    Hivemapper guarantees privacy protection through automatic blurring, edge detection and anonymity.
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  • Best protection

    Protect yourself with high-resolution video recordings anytime, anywhere.
  • GPS

    The precise GPS gives you full control over your vehicle.
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When will the Bee Dashcam be shipped?

Deliveries will start in Q3 and will be processed according to the "first order, first ship" principle.

Are any LTE costs already included in the price?

No, if the LTE connection is used, additional costs may be incurred.