Comparing Rewards: DIMO Macaron vs. DIMO AutoPi vs. Software

Many users are curious about how the rewards of the new DIMO Macaron compare to the existing DIMO AutoPi and the Software Connection. To help you decide which device is right for you, let's take a closer look at how much you can earn with each device.

$DIMO Rewards

The amount of DIMO Rewards distributed is governed by two different systems, working in tandem to engage users in the ecosystem and increase overall interaction.


Each user is rewarded with a fixed value of tokens, regardless of whether they are currently using the data or not. This rewards users for their data streams that can be used in the future.

The points formula is central to this mechanism and determines the weekly allocation share of a user. DIMO AutoPi starts with an initial weekly reward of 6,000 points, while DIMO Macaron starts at 2,000 points, which is one-third of AutoPi's rewards.

Both devices receive more rewards the longer they are connected to the vehicle. The maximum level is reached after 36 weeks of connectivity. Comparatively, after these 36 weeks, a DIMO Macaron reaches 5,000 points, while a DIMO AutoPi reaches 9,000 points under the same conditions. This positions the Macaron at 5/9 of the rewards compared to AutoPi after 36 weeks.

In contrast, the Software Connection starts at 1,000 points and ends at 4,000, ultimately resulting in a ratio of 4/9 compared to AutoPi.

Read about DIMO DIP-2 here.


The Marketplace distribution comes into play when your user data is directly used by developers and partners. By using licensed DIMO apps such as Tenet, Caribou, and Vehicle Genius, users receive additional $DIMO tokens to reward their active participation in the ecosystem.

Choosing Your DIMO Device

If we only consider the value for money in terms of the distributed Baseline Rewards, then the Macaron is more worthwhile in direct comparison. You can also read a blog post specifically about choosing the right device for you here. However, since most users only have one vehicle and can only connect one device, the total earnings with the DIMO AutoPi device are higher and therefore the more lucrative device after the break-even point of the purchase price.

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