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Crankk Miner (Crankk Beta license required)

Crankk Miner (Crankk Beta license required)

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You have a license for the Beta, but still need a suitable miner?

You can get your Crankk Beta here

Our extensive test of different gateway producers has shown that the Sensecap M1 delivers the best result. That's why we offer you the Sensecap M1 with a specially flashed software that enables duo mining of Helium and Crankk. We want to give you a smooth start to the mining experience, so we take care of the installation process for you and make sure that the miner is ready to use right away. All you need to do is connect the miner to your Wi-Fi and you're ready to go.


The following services are included in the Ampchampment package:

  • Flashing the SD card with the Crankk software
  • Activation of dual mining on customer request (active helium wallet must be provided by the customer in order to integrate the Crankk Miner)
  • Preparation of the miner for Plug and Play
  • Adding the software license to the miner
  • Reducing the onboarding time of the miner, making it unnecessary to have deep IT knowledge to make the Crankk miner work
  • Priority, invite-only support channel from Ampchampment
  • Exclusive access to the CDN (Content Delivery Network) Crankk Beta


Crankk & Helium Duo Mining


Ampchampment is official partner of Crankk. If you have any questions about the set-up, the structure or the function, you can ask us questions in Discord, on Telegram or directly by Mail .



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