Protecting the environment with smart technology

Join the Starpower network with thousands of users.

Connect your Starpower device, get rewards and earn $STAR tokens!

What is Starpower?

Starpower uses AI, IoT and blockchain technology to connect energy devices such as air conditioning systems, batteries and power sockets.

The connection via Starpower creates network effects that enable applications such as virtual power plants, demand response, energy efficiency and the monetisation of energy data

How do I get rewards?

With the new Plug and Play socket from Starpower, you can now easily participate in the network and earn $STAR tokens yourself.


Plug the Starpower device into a socket and press and hold the power button for 2-6 seconds.

Then click on the "I've Charged My Device" button in the app


Switch on Bluetooth on your smartphone and search for the Starpower device. If you can't find it, simply repeat the whole process.

The next step is to connect the device to your Wi-Fi.

As soon as your device is connected, you can click on the "Next" button (arrow button) in the app.


Check whether the public address and the KYCODE are correct. (If the identification of the device does not load, then click the "Load Again" button)

You can then click on the "Next" button (arrow button) again.


Connect the device to your wallet and check that the wallet address is correct.

Then click on the "Next" button (arrow button) again.


Use the app to pinpoint the location of your Starpower device and click on the "Confirm and Claim" button.

Congratulations! The setup is complete and you earn $STAR tokens.


What is included?

Each Starplug box contains the Starplug smart device and a quick start guide. You will also receive information on how to download the Starpower app, which you can use to manage your device and view your energy consumption and rewards.

When will I be supplied?

With a pre-order, you will be supplied as soon as we receive the devices from Starpower. This will secure you a place at the front of the delivery batch and you will be supplied directly from Germany.