Free DIMO Hosting vs. Software Connection vs. Macaron vs. AutoPi

Differences of models-which one is right for me?

If you have decided to participate in the DIMO ecosystem, the next question naturally arises about which way?

At the time of publication of this article, there are already some possibilities, but more and more options will be added here as the duration progresses.
We present the currently possible variants here in a nutshell to give you an overview of the options:

The Ampchampment x DIMO Hosting - 10 Advantages

  • Completely Free : You don't pay a cent with us! Hosting and even shipping are at our expense. That means zero financial risk for you.
  • AutoPis for maximum Rewards : Our hosting devices are exclusively AutoPis for maximum rewards.
  • Weekly Reward Distribution : Enjoy weekly Rewards, just like DIMO. Our transparency through smart contracts enables you to understand the distribution amounts at any time.
  • Simple onboarding : We take over the at times still fiddly onboarding of the devices for you. Simply connect the device to the corresponding port in the car-no Bluetooth connection or signing of requests in the crypto wallet is necessary.
  • Fair participation : With an appealing 15% participation, you're part of the success. We share together the fruits of our cooperation. We also have an appealing “Friends-Promoting Program” that allows you to generate additional sales for you.
  • Short minimum term and flexibility : Only 6 months minimum term, thereafter cancelable on a monthly basis. We rely on your flexibility and freedom.
  • Takeover of the hosting device possible : At the end of the minimum term, you are free to purchase the hosting device discounted. We'll give you control.
  • No limit on vehicles : Whether you own a single car or an entire fleet-there is no limit with us. Bigger fleets? Contact us, we have the right solution.
  • Access to DIMO App functions : With our hosting you get access to the functions of the DIMO app. A comprehensive experience is waiting for you.
  • Free extension cord : This makes the installation a breeze. We add an additional extension cord to make the installation as easy as possible.
--> Here Go to the landing page and the form for the Hosting Registration :


Software Connection

If you already have an active car subscription from your car manufacturer such as Ford, Tesla or Toyota, you can seamlessly access DIMO by connecting with your existing username and password. The technical basis for this is Smart car , A kind of counterpart to Plaid for bank integration, but specifically for cars. Here You can check if your car is supported by DIMO.

This option offers a clear advantage-if your car is supported, you can use it Connect immediately without going to hardware To maintain or install physical devices. However, this goes hand in hand with a compromise: you generate less data about your car and receive fewer Rewards.

On the Rewards we are in This post Already received.

For the software connection there is Two requirements :

On the one hand, Smartcar supports a large number of cars, a total of over 72 million vehicles, but not every car can be connected to Smartcar. The compatibility of your vehicle you can Here Also check which subscription you need from your manufacturer.

On the other hand, the (often) paid account in your car manufacturer's app, for example FordPass or OnStar. Such apps are becoming more common and have become standard on many new vehicles in recent years.

Overall, this software connection offers an uncomplicated way to start with DIMO immediately, at the same time you can also install hardware in addition to the software connection and further increase your income.




The Macaron Is the cheapest way to upgrade a non-connected, non-IoT-enabled car into a connected, IoT-enabled car. By using the LoRaWAN network of Helium And Bluetooth, the connection costs were reduced to a fraction of the total cost of the device. Existing technologies for connected vehicles mostly cost € 8-15 a month for connectivity, and some automakers charge more. At the price of roughly 100 € for the macaron, the hardware and 3 years of connectivity are included. Afterwards, the fees, which according to the latest information will be up to a maximum of € 20 per year, can be paid directly with $ DIMO Token.

This is the most affordable way to constantly monitor the condition of your vehicle, track trips and make service bookings. Whether you're paying for your automaker's app or you have an older car without this option and use third-party hardware. In the long run, the macaron is cheaper, especially as the subscription fees add up. This is a great advantage for drivers and fleets.


On the differences of the Rewards we are in This blog article Already received

Technical specifications

The macaron has the ability to query 32 different signals from a vehicle's CAN bus. It can retrieve and delete error codes (DTCs), although not all data on each vehicle is available from the start. But do not worry, DIMO is continuously working to expand the range of available data. The macaron can also store up to 1,500 hours of driving data that can be uploaded later. This means that you do not always need a connection to the network.

Another plus point of the macaron is the low power consumption compared to the AutoPi, which uses a Raspberry Pi. This enables the macaron to query and send data even when the vehicle is switched off. At set intervals, important information such as GPS location, battery voltage and fuel level is transmitted. This enables remote monitoring of possible problems with the vehicle.





The AutoPi is to a certain extent the big brother and the premium version of the Macaron. Basically, all functions of the macaron are also included in the AutoPi. The data transmission via the helium network is an exception. Here the AutoPi uses cellular communications and a corresponding SIM card is already built into the device. The costs for the first 12 months will be covered by DIMO. At the time of publication of this article, it was not yet clear how things would proceed after that. At the moment, DIMO simply pays the monthly costs, but of course that will change at some point. In any case, DIMO has announced that you do not have to take care of a provider independently.

With the higher price of the AutoPis, of course, there are also higher rewards. For more information, see this post that explicitly addresses the differences in rewards.

Technical specifications

As far as the technical peculiarities are concerned, the AutoPi, in contrast to the macaron, can receive and send larger amounts of data via mobile communications. This allows it to be updated "over-the-air" (OTA) without a mobile phone having to connect to the device via Bluetooth. Of course, this is more convenient for the user. In addition, the device can be woken up remotely via SMS request via the app. This allows various commands to be performed, such as opening or closing the car or trunk, sharing vehicle data, or even fully releasing access to third parties.

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