How to earn more Helium & HNT rewards with amplifiers

What is an Amplifier

An amplifier increases signals received by other hotspots and can increase your transmitting power.

It is easier for a receiving hotspot to process a stronger signal than a weaker signal.
The key to increasing the number of witnesses is to increase the range of the miner so that it can ‘hear’ more than other standard miners. This requires amplification of both transmit and receive signals. By using an amplifier you thus make more hnt rewards.

Why should you use an AMPCHAMPMENT Amplifier

  • Increase rewards through more unique witnesses and more received beacons by already witnessed hotspots
  • Increase the SNR to get a better performing radio signal thus increasing the likelihood of getting a beacon instead of a different hotspot receiving that beacon
  • Significantly increase your witnessing area
  • Reduce cable loss
  • Filter out of band noise
  • Make your hotspot futureproof by having a clear signal quality should the helium community decide that signal quality becomes relevant for HNT earnings


What Amplifiers do not solve:

As of November 2022, there is currently a limit of 14 hotspots that can witness a beacon. For example, if a hotspot is surrounded by 20 hotpots, an amplifier will not increase the probability that the hotspot participates in the group of 14 awarded HNT.

An amplifier cannot create a signal where there is none. If the signal of a beacon is zero there is nothing to amplify and the hotspot will still not be able to receive the beacon. If the signal is just very low (because the hotspots is very far away or uses a bad/stock antenna) then the signal can be amplified and you will receive another witness leading to more rewards.

Is it safe to use an AMPCHAMPMENT Amplifier?

  • miners do not get damaged by using hardware amplifiers. There is a separate power connection for your amplifier
  • In most countries there is no problem to increase the receiving DBi. In some countries there is a restriction in increasing transmitting power. Our amplifiers have either no transmitting power increase or a switch where you can just add a little power boost to cover your losses from your other equipment like adapters, cables etc. You can switch it completely off or you can significantly increase your power depending on your choice. If you have any doubts or need further information you can contact us


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